Wedding Video Ratings

Tips on winning the contest!!!

As we have observed previous contest we have found that the following things help couples exponentially in gathering additional rating:

The best way to get started in the contest is to “like” AND “share” your video using the Facebook tools built into our website page that your video is on. Doing both of these things will post messages to your Facebook wall and the ratings will usually have a snowball effect from there.

Don’t forget about all of your friends that may not have a Facebook page or may not check it frequently! For them you may want to consider a mass email. The more people you let know about the video the better it will do in the contest!

These tips take a little more time but work very well. In fact, we have had people receive over 200 comments and up to 700+ facebook shares/likes by using these tips.

       #1.Try to get a few comments posted on your video BEFORE you share it with everyone, even if its you, your parents, etc. People typically aren’t quick to be the first to post a comment, but if there are already three or four comments it seems as if it makes them feel obligated. Every comment helps you in the contest.

       #2. As people leave comments on our website it is a good rule of thumb to reply to that comment (on our website) even if its is just a “Thank you so much XXXXXX, we enjoyed seeing you at the wedding!!”. As you reply to peoples comments it shows everyone else looking at the page that you are actively looking at the comments being posted and will make them feel more obligated to post a comment themselves.

       #3. A single person can essentially place 5 votes for you by doing the things listed below. While we don’t recommend pleading with people to do these things, 🙂 , we would recommend that you make sure everyone really close to you has done all of them!!
           a. Comment – on our website
           b. Rate – click on the stars above your video
           c. Facebook Share – from the page your video is on
           d. Facebook like – from the page your video is on
           e. Tweet your video from the page your video is on

If you have additional questions, many times they can be answered by reading the webpage about our contest OR the FAQ about our contest.