Wedding Video Ratings

Wedding Video Contest | 03.01.2011 – 06.01.2011

In accordance with our contest rules we always allow each video at least a two week window in the contest. Because of this rule, the following videos, although posted before 06.01.2011, will actually be included in the contest that ends on 09.01.2011.
       Andre and Kameron’s wedding trailer
       Sarah and Seth’s wedding trailer

Final results listed below:

#1. Kenn and Ginny’s Wedding Trailer
260 total Facebook shares (shares/likes/comments combined) – I believe that this could be considered borderline viral… At least locally 🙂
3 tweet
88 comments posted on our website
85 ratings on our website
Total = 436


Congratulations Ginny and Kenn!!

#2. Kristin and Mario’s Wedding trailer
68 total Facebook shares (shares/likes/comments combined)
1 tweets
28 ratings on our website



#3. Laura and Josh’s wedding trailer
28 total Facebook shares (shares/likes/comments combined)
1 tweet
15 ratings on our website



Congratulations to everyone who’s video was included in the contest. We hope that you had fun sharing your video with your family and friends!