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Wedding video training

     On Monday(03.28.2011) – Wed(03.30.2011) we will be attending a workshop in Atlanta, GA for wedding videographers, and hope to pick up some new tricks to make our wedding videos even better than they ever have been.

     Believe it or not we have not had much formal training and have most relied on what we felt was right for each event and feedback we received from our clients. When we first got started we attended a wedding video workshop of one of the nations top videographers at the time and it was a very beneficial experience for us. After we got back from that workshop though we decided to take what we had learned and build on that instead of being influenced by hundreds of outside sources and ultimately confusing ourselves with what direction to go in.

     Five years and more than 100 weddings later we still constantly learning and improving our craft and feel that its time to take on some additional training. That’s what it takes though!


     Over the years we have had quite a few wedding videographers comment on our work and even ask if we had some type of formal training or wedding video review services that we offered. While we do not have any formal wedding video training packages we are always excited to work with newcomers to our industry. If you are interested in anything from attending a wedding with us to asking a question about equipment or having us review some of your past wedding videos please use our contact form and let us know. We will be glad to help you drive your wedding video business to another level.