Wedding Video Ratings

WEDDING VIDEO CONTEST | 07.01.2011 – 12.01.2011

     Our contests always seem to keep us, and obviously every one else on the edge of their seats. The contest that just ended today was no disappointment as it ended in a way that we never thought possible. A TIE.

In accordance with our contest rules, we always allow each video at least a two week window in the contest. Because of this rule, the following video, although posted before 12.01.2011, will actually be included in the contest that ends on 04.01.2012.
       Kamala and Ed’s Wedding Trailer

Final results listed below:

A TIE BETWEEN Rachel and Bryan’s Trailer and Erica and Daniel’s Trailer

Rachel and Bryan’s Trailer had the following ratings:
326 total Facebook shares (shares/likes combined)
31 tweets
96 comments posted on our website
73 ratings on our website
11 Google +1’s

Total ratings = 537


Erica and Daniel’s Trailer had the following ratings:
329 total Facebook shares (shares/likes combined)
2 tweets
105 comments posted on our website
94 ratings on our website
7 Google +1’s

Total ratings = 537


Congratulations to both Erica & Daniel and Rachel & Bryan!!

Some additional videos that were in the contest that should get an honorable mention for the ratings they received are as follows:

Jacinda and Aaron’s Wedding Trailer
Total ratings = 288


Bethany & Benjamin’s Wedding Trailer
Total ratings = 270


Jessica and Tyler’s Full Wedding Film
Total ratings = 188


Stephanie and Micheal’s Wedding Trailer
Total ratings = 169


Susan and Jonathan’s Wedding Trailer
Total ratings = 94


Congratulations to everyone who had their video posted during the contest.