Wedding Video Ratings

Wedding Video Contest | 03.01.2011 – 06.01.2011

An absolute nail biting, record breaking contest.
     Many good trailers were posted during this contest and obviously everyone really enjoyed sharing them.
     During this contest we had some records not only set, but completely blown out of the water. We had two videos surpass the 500 like/share mark on Facebook. Three trailers reached over 150 comments and two of those three actually reached over 250 comments. To put things into perspective: our previous record holders had a maximum of 88 comments, 260 facebook likes/shares with total ratings (comments, Facebook, tweets, etc. combined) being 436. Sara and Seth, the winner of this contest actually pulled off 727 Facebook shares/likes alone. (See more details below)

In accordance with our contest rules, we always allow each video at least a two week window in the contest. Because of this rule, the following video, although posted before 08.01.2011, will actually be included in the contest that ends on 12.01.2011.
       Jacinda and Aaron’s Wedding Trailer

Final results listed below:


#1. Sara and Seth’s Wedding Trailer
727 total Facebook shares (shares/likes combined)
50 tweets
263 comments posted on our website
154 ratings on our website

Total ratings = 1194


Congratulations Sara and Seth!!

#2. Frederick and Melanie’s Wedding Trailer
572 total Facebook shares (shares/likes combined)
4 tweets
143 ratings on our website

Total ratings = 982


#3. Jessica and Tyler’s Wedding Trailer
277 total Facebook shares (shares/likes/comments combined)
5 tweets
114 ratings on our website

Total ratings = 560


Congratulations to everyone who had their video posted during the contest.