Wedding Video Ratings

HOLY WEBSITE TRAFFIC!!! (04.12.2011)

Well I think it’s safe to say that Ginny and Kenn’s wedding trailer has kick started the current ratings contest with a huge bang. With less than a week from the time their wedding trailer was posted there has already been 52 ratings on the video, 200 Facebook shares, 3 tweets, and a record breaking 45 comments.

As you can imagine, over the past 6 days we have seen an astonishing amount of traffic to our website in order to achieve those results. 1,764 unique visitors to be exact!

Just to put things into perspective this is only a few hundred unique visitors shy of what would normally be seen throughout a normal month’s time frame!

Kenn and Ginny, you, your friends and family have certainly set the bar high for anyone else competing in the ratings contest along with you!!